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The Free Trade Hall was rebuilt, opening with a triumphant season of concerts in The label, comprising high quality studio recordings and exceptional live recordings, immediately became noticeable for its diversity and breadth of repertoire. Harbinger Records, founded in by Ken Bloomand and Bill Rudman, specializes in the Great American Songbook — in particular, songs of stage, screen and cabaret.

Historic CDs of piano rolls by Richard Rodgers and rare demos by songwriter Hugh Martin also grace our catalogue, along with many other releases that will surprise and delight you. Heilo reflects the main currents in Norwegian folk music today.

Liszt: Waldesrauschen (Forest Murmurs): Franz Liszt | Piano Sheet Music

This applies to the cultivation of the purest part of our musical heritage: Hardanger and ordinary fiddles, folk singing and older folk music instruments. Artists have been steeped in a musical culture that is a mixture of rock, pop, and classical styles, but they are searching for a musical identity with a Norwegian accent. Hemera focuses on contemporary music by Norwegian composers and artists, and is a gateway for projects generated in various Norwegian arts communities.

The genres served by this label vary greatly, ranging from musical fables for children to radio operas and experimental soundscapes. Specializing in early music, traditional and world music, contemporary art music and a synthesis of these genres, Heresy takes an unconventional approach to repertoire, design, performance and the marketing of its recordings. Uncompromising high fidelity, cutting edge art direction, thrilling new interpretations and out of the box thinking in art and business are hallmarks of the new label.

Heritage Media enjoyed great success in supplying vintage radio dramas around the world in the s and became part of the Divine Art group in Many of its library of programs were also made available in CD format, and are now being reissued in re-mastered form as digital downloads. A collection of four discs released in the mid 80s when Nimbus was looking to break out of being just a classical record label.

Liszt: Transcendental Etudes S.139 (Clidat, Ovchinnikov, Kissin)

Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and a highly entertaining compilation called Hot Jazz were presented using state of the art digital re-mastering along with great liner notes. We expect to see more releases from Nimbus appearing on this bijou label in future years but right now their jazz and nostalgia efforts are satisfied by reissuing classics which previously appeared on MusicMasters and a their highly acclaimed Retrospective series whish is a partnership with Living Era legend Ray Crick.

Remastered to the highest standards by Pristine Audio in France, these albums, most of which have never been released before on CD or digitally, have won high praise for both artistic and technical quality. The Honens Competition takes place every three years in Calgary. Honens presents the world's leading pianists, innovative performance projects and exclusive Canadian premieres through a critically acclaimed concert series in Calgary. House of Classics is a series of creatively conceived collections of beautiful classical recordings owned by T2 Entertainment, in collaboration with Newton Classics.

Founded in , Huddersfield Contemporary Records HCR is an emerging label with releases exclusively devoted to new music. HCR has a focussed catalogue, featuring both exciting established and emerging artists at the cutting edge of music making. Hungaraton, a Hungarian record company, was founded in and reorganised in The label specializes in Hungarian music, mainly classical and folk, performed largely by Hungarian artists.

IDIS work is designed to offer to the listener, as closely as possible, using sophisticated digital technologies, the best sound quality without changing the original recording that become a great and unique artistic expression with all its peculiarities and moments of genius. III Millennio is a record label whose aim is to promote human, social and religious values through music and by means of social communication. For this reason, our research is directed towards many different musical genres, even if actually the type of music mainly produced by the Company is classical, religious and traditional.

IndiePix was founded in to bring film fans the very best of independent cinema. Today, IndiePix is proud to be home to the broadest online selection of indie films from around the world, including the latest award-winning titles from the festival circuit, popular indie classics, foreign, documentaries and more. Innova is dedicated to forward-looking work that pushes the boundaries of contemporary music, with releases focused on the integrity of the work, its originality, conceptual richness, and technical quality. Intakt Records focuses on the musicians and their music.

Liszt - Piano Works Vol.1

Creative music today is mainly published by small and committed labels. Christian was set to enter the world of major record labels having been offered a four album deal with Sony BMG. This was a dream come true, but having witnessed the priorities of a major label at close hand he decided the only way he could continue to make personal, organic music was to walk away and set up his own independent label. The priorities of Integra are personal recordings which may not be big sellers but instead express something individual.

The only stipulation is quality. Our catalogue will develop very slowly probably only a couple of releases per year but you can guarantee that our recordings will be created without the pressures of market forces and with integrity at the heart of them.

The label was started as a platform for local musicians to introduce themselves to the record market. Much of the catalogue is driven by the musical interests of the musicians and groups they work with, many which they also act as agents for. Isotopia will focus on popular music, dance music and fusions of classical and jazz.

ITM is a jazz-centric label, founded in by Ulli Blobel.

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Its catalogue highlights include jazz productions with Broadway star Eartha Kitt, jazz recordings with Nana Mouskouri, cover versions of Jacques Brel and many more. The J. Bach-Stiftung, a fully owned subsidiary of the J. Today, the J. Bach-Stiftung sound is acclaimed by Bach connoisseurs and fans around the globe. All products of the J. Bach-Stiftung label are produced and manufactured in Switzerland. Connoisseurs will have a chance to enrich their collections of specific artists; jazz lovers will discover recordings that cover the entire spectrum of genres — from swing, big band, bebop, hard bop to free jazz, third stream, rock jazz, soul jazz, new jazz and world jazz.

In addition, Jazzwerkstatt is the keeper of historical performances from East German broadcaster Rundfunk der DDR -- many of which were special, one-off performances. Jazzwerkstatt may have be one of the best-kept secrets in modern Jazz. Not any more. The guitarist John Williams founded JCW Recordings in as he wanted to remain in complete control of recording, editing, mixing, producing and design - in fact all presentation present and future. He records at Air Lyndhurst Studios in London. The Journey label is an imprint from DCD Music, featuring recordings of global musical journey destinations.

Specializes in branded compilation albums that feature all the genres from around the globe, whether it be the sounds of Africa to the rhythms of the Latin world and the haunting melodies of Asia. The audiences and performers enter into an intimate, unique dialogue that is unrepeatable in its atmosphere, expression and form. Our aim is to enable the listener to acutely experience every facet of this symbiosis. The results are unparalleled interpretations of musical and literary works — simply audiophile snapshots of permanent value. In antiquity, this Greek word designated the felicitous conjunction of the here and now, the propitious and decisive moment when conditions are right for taking crucial action.

By virtue of its commitment to artistry, KAIROS has received a number of important international prizes in recent years.

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Thus, KAIROS will continue to dedicate itself in an uncompromising manner in the next years to the adventure of New Music, with the conviction that this music is essential to life. The world-renowned King's College Choir is took contril of its recording output launched its own record label in late The Choir has released more than albums with EMI and Decca, selling millions of copies worldwide.

But its own label will give it unprecedented freedom to manage its recording portfolio.

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In justification of this industry in the Journal of Advertising, Marketing and Media: "The producers brothers Nick and Clemens Prokop afford the luxury of deviating from the usual genre Recorded thinking is what has strong sound, plus there are lavish booklets.. The klanglogo publications are dominated by the idea that music has to be a sensual experience ever. Why not as many, but sophisticated as possible to make publishing program with a naturally high standard of artistic and technical quality.

This includes the graphically distinctive design of the CDs in a row. As different as the individual productions include:. In the series, they reflect a deep passion for live music making resist klanglogo is one of trust your ears GmbH, Dusseldorf, and Rondeau Production GmbH, Leipzig, shared brand.

Distributed by Naxos of America. Focused on mainly wind band ensemble releases, Klavier is the newest division of Edwin F. Label with most up-to-date and complete CD encyclopedia of musical works composed by musicians imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps from to Within the activity development of the Fondation La Borie since , the Jazz and World Music Department has been welcoming musicians and composers with a strong musical project, as well as generosity in musical exchange and throughout the building of their careers. The Label Laborie, created in , continues this action by supporting these artists, giving them in that context an opportunity to bring out their best.

The Russian Piano Concerto: The Nineteenth Century (Russian Music Studies)

Youth talents and consummate professionals from both French and international musical scenes meet today at Laborie to create a new entity, a particular tribe whose only wish is that you appreciate the qualities of a free artist. Ladybird AB — established at the beginning of the s — is a small record company with great assets. Lauda is the recording label La Grande Chapelle. Founded in , it produces the recordings of the ensemble, with attractive programs mainly centred on Spanish vocal music of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The objective of the label is to provide quality products containing a high level of musical and musicological interest, from an independent standpoint. Lauda benefits from the academic and technical assessment of research centres and the collaboration of business, universities, associations, foundations and public organisations local and regional councils and ministries.

Technically, the recordings use the latest digital technology, although we firmly resolve not to betray the spirit and communication of a live performance.

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