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By Fabien.

Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Books in Order:

On July 18, In Reading Guide. Created by American author Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake is a vampire hunter and necromancer who lives in the city of St. Louis, but one in an alternate universe where magic, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural elements are quite real.

Should these books be numbered in sequential order, first to last?

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Or as they are, individually numbered groups of 4 or 5? Just go in order from Strange Candy forward.

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I think the PowerPoint grouping knocked out the numerical order. What happened? Is Ms. Hamilton running out of ideas? What happened to the blood and guts? The best books were the ones where she was chasing bad guys and not getting banged six ways to Sunday. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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How To Read Me A reading guide to comics and books. Gabriel kills a prayer group, and goes after Joseph again, killing his babysitter, and holds Christina hostage. But when Christina breaks free, Gabriel lures Joseph to him, but discovers that Joseph somehow has the power to telepathically communicate with Gabriel. Joseph's mysterious power causes Gabriel to die a fiery death, and Gabriel is turned back into a child angel. Gabriel ascends back into Heaven. The Guardian Angel Gabriel, who was killed in Book 1, reincarnated as a child angel and ascended back to Heaven.

However, an Earth Vampire, seeing a chance to infiltrate Heaven, latched on to Gabriel and ascended with him.

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The Vampire proceeded to attack all the inhabitants of Heaven and turned all Guardian Angels into Vampires. Janos hears voices crying out for help wherever he goes, and suffers from insomnia. He thinks he is going crazy. They were Guardian Angels working among humans who were bitten by Earth Vampires.

Their existence was hidden in symbolic passages in the Bible that implied Angels were killing and drinking blood.

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Those were the first Vampire Guardian Angels who, while on Earth, were worshiped as Gods and given the name "Angels" and who were hidden and fed by the Church, using victims taken by the Inquisition. They could not return to Heaven so they remained on Earth, and all the Guardian Angels left in heaven were still good and not yet Vampires prior to Gabriel's ascension. Gregory reveals further that he is one of those Vampire Guardian Angels from biblical times, and that he fathered Janos through a bloodthirsty ancient Countess, Elizabeth Bathory. Janos was born a stillborn many centuries ago but is a Revenant, a reincarnated being into modern times.

Gregory insists that Janos was created to become the chosen leader and gatekeeper who must open a portal to let in the new race of Vampire Guardian Angels from Heaven to take over mankind. Gregory tells Janos that the voices he hears are people's prayers of despair, and that Janos is actually not only a Guardian Angel himself, but also a Vampire.

Janos unknowingly follows the voices like a beacon, kills and feeds off the victim, in a sort of sleep-state, but does not remember anything. He often leaves the victims still alive, but Gregory, always following him, finishes them off and hides the bodies, sometimes making it look like a suicide or an accident to throw off any suspicions The M.

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Janos learns that Vampire Guardian Angels now have loyal followers, the Earth Vampires, who are eagerly awaiting their arrival and the takeover of humans who they plan to use for food. This new breed of Guardian Angel-turned-Vampire can now touch and kill their victims in addition to mind control, seduce, and kill their female victims, are seemingly invincible, and have promised to provide food and riches to the Earth Vampires if they work for them.

Janos, however, starts to rebel, repulsed by who he is and what he has done and by what the Angels plan to do. Janos also becomes increasingly alienated from his girlfriend Leah.

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So Gregory kidnaps Leah as a backup plan and takes her, with the intentions of forcing her to produce another "leader" in case Janos continues to rebel. Gregory tries to kill Janos, but two New York detectives intervene and shoot Gregory, and Gregory disappears after falling off the Brooklyn Bridge. The twist in the ending opens up the novel for the third book in the series.

Dominion, Book 3: Vampire Guardian Angels plan to enslave and breed humans for food.

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  4. The 3rd book is written in "Bible" format and in the narrative form of the author who created the Vampire Guardian Angels, each chapter consisting of "readings" just like in the Bible. The Author writes that she is having strange dreams of Angels killing people, and in her dreams she is being raped by a Guardian Angel with fangs. The dreams are messages revealing that Vampire Guardian Angels existed in the Bible, worshiped, hidden, and fed human victims by the Church and the Inquisition.

    The Author thinks that this secret is hidden in the Bible due to the many references to blood-drinking and of angels killing humans. She finds that the Church called these Vampires "Angels", and created the inquisition to hunt down sinners to feed to the Vampires. The Author's Vampire Guardian Angels have come to life from her book, since as the "Creator", her writing has given them power to live, simply by her belief in them. Guardian Angels from biblical times had been bitten by Vampires, and went into hiding, disguised as life-sized Guardian Angel statues in churches and cemeteries. The author's strong belief in them awakens them, brings them out of hiding, and they want the world to know they exist. Meanwhile, mysterious murders and suicides are happening all over Torrance. Targeting the despairing and the suicidal, the Vampire Guardian Angels on Earth make their killings look like suicides. The book goes deeper into the motives and personalities of each of the Guardians.

    The Angels have more expanded weaponry because they think biting necks involves too much struggle and it's easier just to cut open an artery. They also use the weapons as self-defense. They have grown much more powerful, though some of the Angels can now choose whether or not to be Vampires. The Vampire Guardian Angels can also procreate with humans, and they breed humans for food. The Author herself is kidnapped by a brutal Guardian Angel.

    Cameron tells Costa that the original Vampire Guardian Angels from biblical times who were already on Earth are waiting for the rest of the Vampire Guardian Angels from Heaven and are plotting to take over mankind because they no longer want to be servants to man. They want to enslave both Earth Vampires and humans and breed the humans as food. But they cannot take over the Earth Vampires until they bring in all the remaining Vampire Guardian Angels from Heaven to Earth through a supernatural portal.

    Janos Book 2 had already opened the portal within a New York cathedral as a "test run" to see if it worked and could only allow seven Archangels to pass back and forth, in order to prepare for the takeover. If the rest of the Vampire Guardian Angels from Heaven tried to enter Earth without the portal, or through the infant portal that was not yet ready, they would assume hideous forms and become fallen angels without power.