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CBBC - Me and My Monsters, Series 2, Monstersitter

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Me And My Monsters: episode 3 series 1 (Monster In A Box)

Contact us Contact us Offices Media contacts Catalogues. Gifts for bibliophiles. Penguin Shop Penguin Shop Penguin gifts. Book bundles. Special and signed editions. Writing workshop. Buy from. Read more. Share at. While not exactly monsters, the Peacocks may as well be. Living on the same patch of land for generations, the Peacocks do not have electricity or running water. They grow their own food, slaughter their own meat, and do not have any education. They also inbreed. Like, a lot. By the time we meet Edmund, George, and Sherman Peacock, the inbreeding has gone so deep they are nothing but tumors and birth defects.

What's worse is that they are procreating with their own mother. Besides the inbreeding, the Peacock brothers also dabble in murder. In this episode, they kill their newborn brother-father; the sheriff and his wife; and the deputy. Mulder and Scully go looking for a creature Mulder thinks is a were-monster - a human who becomes a beast a few days a month. He is half right. The strange man that Mulder meets, who has taken the name Guy Mann, is actually a were-human.

He is a lizard-like creature in his normal state, but he was bit by a human, which turns him into a human a few days a month.

Point 1: It’s not a big deal that they exist. Tell them that.

It turns out that the murders the agents were investigating were not caused by Guy Mann, but by the man who bit him. Betty is nothing more than the tattoo on Ed Jerse's arm: a winking pin-up girl that Jerse gets after a nasty divorce, with the reminder "Never Again" stenciled beneath it. But Betty seems to have a mind of her own, and needles Jerse with angry misogynistic taunts, luring him into murdering women. When Jerse goes on a date with Scully, Betty doesn't stop the taunts, but Jerse really likes Scully and he manages to resist Betty urging him to murder her.

Instead, he burns the tattoo off his arm. Mulder and Scully meet lots of "monsters" in this circus-themed episode, but there is only one real monster in "Humbug": Leonard. The parasitic twin of Lanny, the alcoholic who works at the trailer park the agents stay at, Leonard is initially just thought of as a lifeless sideshow attraction. But at night, when Lanny is asleep, Leonard detaches himself from Lanny and crawls around town with frightening speed, killing indiscriminately.. Or anyone. Eugene Victor Tooms can best be described as a mutant.

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He looks like an average person, but he can stretch his body out to squeeze into any tiny space. Evidence also suggests that he has been alive - and killing - since at least Every 30 years, he kills five people, removing their livers with his bare hands and eating it, before hibernating in nests made of newspaper scraps and bile.

Tooms was such a popular villain he got two episodes in the first season. In the second, "Tooms," he was killed in an escalator mechanism. Flukie may be the most iconic The X-Files monster of all time. He is gruesome to look at, with white mottled skin and a mouth that resembled a huge, toothy suction cup.

Monster Mess

It is believed that Flukie is a flukeworm, a parasitic flatworm that, after swimming around in a soup of Chernobyl sewage, turned into a half man, half flukeworm. Flukie is captured and eventually cut in half, but any child knows that cutting a worm in half doesn't kill it. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. Skip to main content. Latest Stories.

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  • Tag: The X-Files. Tag: lists. Tag: rankings. Tag: david duchovny. Tag: Gillian Anderson. Tag: Chris Carter. Ghouli: Season 11, Episode 5, "Ghouli". Rob Roberts: Season 7, Episode 3, "Hungry". Eddie Van Blundht Jr. The Peacock family: Season 4, Episode 2, "Home". Betty: Season 4, Episode 13, "Never Again". Leonard: Season 2, Episode 20, "Humbug".