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Mobility, Diversity and Religious Space in Johannesburg

For decades, flying has been predictable, reliable but a bit boring. Limited reservations systems, and long lead times to adopt change, kept airlines stuck in a sales rut, offering customers little or no flexibility. Mar ket shifts, customer demand and the emergence of new technologies have changed the airline model to a fully customized experience.

When the unexpected strikes, how do destinations respond? How are they hurt? If a military junta can't even provide decent security, what's the use of a brutal dictatorship? Interesting the results you get to to these types of awards when you measure them by how satisfied passengers are with their experience.

Maybe Heathrow has earned that third runway now? In the wake of Cyclone Winston, which tore through Fiji last week, hospitality professionals are encouraging visitors to not put their holiday plans on hold. One of my favorite travel maxims - as I'm bolting out the door to catch a flight - comes from the brilliant ladies of Absolutely Fabulous: "Tickets!

Most folks who frequently travel abroad know their Android or iOS device can be their most valuable companion - and not just for communication. The objective of the DUS High Flyer Start-Up Awards is to support locally-hashed fresh ideas for technologies, products, and services which could improve travel for the airport's customers.

Messaging positions travel suppliers to address queries on a real-time basis and nearly instantaneously, and it gives travel operations the opportunity to coordinate on-site efforts in new and powerful ways. When terrible governments get put in charge of great tourist destinations bad things happen. This all should make for an interesting Sometimes when brands look at a problem in a way they never have, new creativity comes out and fresh ideas are hatched.

Margarita Rosa Barrios was six weeks pregnant when she began to feel the symptoms that every expecting mother here has come to dread: swollen eyes, aching joints, three days of fever.

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Just as she feared, she had the Zika virus. But the city, which turns this year, has, in many parts, successfully reconfigured itself as the Pan-African capital it was always destined to be.

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The World Health Organization has declared the Zika virus a global public health emergency. Attackers raided a luxury hotel in Burkina Faso overnight, shooting some and taking others hostage in a siege that lasted hours and ended with 29 people dead. Attacks by the Islamic State group have led to a dramatic fall in tourism in parts of North Africa, where millions rely on the trade to make a living. We've leveraged the amazing brain trust of resources available to us by our partner DMO's and agencies to identify destination marketing trends that you should be on the lookout for in Visas are necessary evils.

They offer governments a way to control their borders, whether to regulate the flow of immigrants or to pick out threats to security. But the paperwork and fees they entail also deter legitimate tourists and business travellers. Add to that the uncertainty associated with climate change and the growing frequency of natural disasters, and you have yet another source of hesitation among globe trotters when it comes to travel in This edition of the TTCI covers economies worldwide. Sprawling oceans and beautiful mountains makes Cape Town International Airport's approach one of the most beautiful in the world, according to a new survey.

Rapid population growth and innovative infrastructure projects are creating new business hubs and transforming the geography of our Global Cities. If you haven't been yet, lucky you. No one forgets their first time. And if you've traveled here before, well, you won't believe what you've been missing since. Government agencies and law enforcement alerts most trusted sources for health, safety and security information; 62 percent of more than 2, leisure travelers will cancel plans to avoid regions or continents experiencing health or safety concerns.

Half of the potential travelers to Africa are avoiding the continent due to fears of personal safety, violence and diseases like Ebola. The research shows that one in four travelers changed or canceled their vacation plans in the past year over safety concerns, and Africa has suffered most—with security worries overwhelming traditional reasons to go. Respondents said they would also avoid travel because of military conflict, outbreak of disease, health risk, crime, or political upheaval.

Millennials: Stalin and Marx are Heroes

When it comes to what people deem as safe, they think of island destinations. Following a major terrorist attack like the one in Paris last month, anxiety is obviously high amongst tourists and those who are now planning trips.

A brave Christian defends Good Friday and Easter Sunday against the Divine Prospect!

What is less obvious is what kind of long-term effect the recent events around the globe Paris, Brussels, the massacre at Garissa University in Kenya, the bombing of the Metrojet on the Sinai Peninsula will have on the travel industry. The fact is that travel anxiety has always existed, and now, with non-stop media coverage of every tragedy and disaster, it is quite high. The last time the U. State Department issued a similar worldwide alert was in December The survey also found that half of the potential travelers to Africa are avoiding the massive continent due to fears of personal safety, violence and diseases like Ebola.

One in four travelers changed or cancelled their vacation plans in the past year over safety concerns. At least 12 people were killed on Tuesday when an explosion tore through a bus full of Tunisian presidential guards in an attack that one source said was probably the work of a suicide bomber. The US has issued a worldwide travel alert for its citizens in response to "increased terrorist threats. It investigates the patterns of terrorism by geographic activity, methods of attack, organisations involved and the national economic and political context.

In order to identify the cities that have expanded most rapidly in socioeconomic terms between and , WalletHub compared U. A new poll released by Travelzoo , a global Internet media company, reveals which destinations greet travelers with open arms. The role of host for the Commonwealth Games gets SA nowhere — it does nothing for growth, development or reducing poverty, writes Malaika wa Azania. By investing in the Commonwealth Games, South Africa will be sacrificing investment in pressing societal needs, such as schooling. Durban in South Africa will host the Commonwealth Games, becoming the first African city to be awarded the multisport event.

Conde Nast Traveler asked their readers to rate a city's "friendliness" in the Reader's Choice Awards survey. They found out which U. But the Brazilian mega city is not without its problems, as the author who lived there for over a year, writes. It would be practical to know if a certain country is open for tourists or expatriates. Tourists are starting to worry about Greece 's economic crisis—a sign that the country's tourism industry, which accounts for nearly 20 percent of GDP , could experience a slowdown if the financial situation worsens.

There's been an exodus of tourists from Tunisia after an Islamist gunman killed 38—30 of them thought to be British—in a single attack. Does that mean nobody will choose to go on holiday there for the foreseeable future? Tunisia said Sunday it would deploy hundreds of armed police around tourist sites as authorities moved to ramp up security after a jihadist gunned down 38 people at a seaside resort.

Tourism is a revenue-driven industry. In Chile, it is neither land nor sea that is the latest tourism fad. Brand USA, the destination marketing organization for the United States, will launch its culinary tourism strategy. Tourism is obviously a huge moneymaker for countries that are top travel destinations, but some tourists spend more than others.

Victoria, B. While previous campaigns had digital advertising in the California market, Victoria, Beyond Words will focus on the market with targeted media and trade activities. Leading Middle East theme parks and water park project owners will be speaking at the first ever theme park and entertainment development summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Japan is hoping to boost tourism by using one of the most famous figures from its history - the ninja. The impact of the deadly Ebola virus fell mainly on three African countries but tourism has taken a hit across the continent of more than 50 nations as fear has kept many visitors away, tourism chiefs say. New York City's annual day celebration of craft beer kicks off tonight, and there are endless ways to join in on the fun. Visitor visa routes are to be consolidated from the current 15 to just four as part of a simple new streamlined system for business and leisure travellers to the UK.

International tourist arrivals reached 1, million in , a 4. The continuing increase in arrivals to these cities illustrates their economic strength, as well as the sustained importance of urban centres to global tourism, both business and leisure. In fact, these cities combined grew by 5. The International Criminal Court opened an inquiry into attacks in Palestinian territories, paving the way for possible war crimes investigation against Israelis. In a statement Friday, the court's top prosecutor said the decision follows the Palestinians' signing of the Rome Statute.

It's going to be a great year for global foodies. Some of the world's biggest restaurants are exporting their brands to other countries -- some permanently, others only temporarily -- while top chefs are opening exciting new ventures.

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But the saying has taken on a whole new meaning following the launch of open-to-the-public restaurants inside select British prisons, where convicts work as chefs and kitchen assistants, cooking Michelin-style cuisine. Until a few years ago it was widely expected that conditions for business around the world would keep getting better, reflecting the relentless forward march of globalisation. But now the trend of continually improving business environments—underpinned by robust growth, liberal economic reforms and investment in infrastructure—has stalled, and in some areas even gone into reverse.

The future global business landscape will be characterised by lower cross-border capital flows, tighter regulation and less risk-taking. Guests at this rolling train hotel will be hoping not to be like meals on wheels The Tundra Lodge Rolling Hotel in Manitoba, Canada, is a custom rolling getaway where guests can enjoy regular visits from the giant winter mammals.

Guests can stay warm from the comfort of one of 32 rooms on-board the train - which boasts a large lounge area for viewing the bears. As of p. ET, more than 3, U.

For the past five years, the Internet particularly social media has exposed the wonderful and charming beauty of Belize to thousands of travelers, and as a result the country has become a hot spot destination in Central America and the Caribbean. After a campaign season that many citizens found dispiriting, voters went to the polls on Tuesday to choose governors in New York and Connecticut and to decide a host of other races that could help shift the balance of power both locally and nationally.

Millions of Americans head to the polls on Tuesday to elect their representatives in Congress. All seats in the House of Representatives are up for grabs, as are 36 seats in the Senate.