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Hey Ingo, I think in general you are right! Nevertheless I recognized very often, that players are not aware of changing their head position while going down They tilt it to one side or look across the line of aim when beeing down and look at the target differently than being upright!!!! Doing this, the picture of the point they are aiming at changes- compared to the picture they had when aiming along their line when they were standing. Take a striped ball to shoot with as the cue ball and shoot while letting show the stripes parallel to the direction your shooting.

So now start to play arround ONLY with your front foot position and your grip until you manage to get this ball up and down on a straight line without changing anything else in your stance.

How to pick the perfect pillow for a good night of sleep

Here I tend to use a slightly different method just more practice-related which I developed for myself in the past. Lg Ekki, have some nice xmas days, Ingo. Hey Geno, you want to chime in? GaryB, this is not really what Geno is teaching. I agree for sure on many things Geno is teaching-he has a LOT of knowledge. Factor in sleep position.

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Stomach and back sleepers tend toward softer pillow, Tannen said, while side sleepers lean toward medium or firm pillows. But in reality, most people change positions all night, so try out different several pillow types to find your match.

"Finding the Perfect Head"

You need to lie down on this job. Find your fill. For comfort, softness, air circulation and durability, down-feather is your fill. Down, the fluffy stuff under feathers, adds loft and softness, while feathers add structure and support.

“Living In Your Head Rent-Free” Is The Perfect Insult Of Our Times

If you want a soft pillow you can mush to your liking yes! If you can't tolerate down, opt for a good down alternative. Less expensive and also popular are polyester-fill pillows, which feel firmer than down. Latex offers even more firmness, although it's not for those who like to fluff their pillow at night.


Foam also provides a firmer feel. However, foam pillows can sleep hot and break down faster.

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  • Memory foam pillows adjust to your shape as you move, and newer versions offer temperature control. Understand fill power. Sort of like thread count in sheets, fill power in pillows offers a way to rate quality in synthetic or natural down pillow. The higher the number, the better the pillow. Aim for fill-power of or higher. Nip snoring.

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    Memory foam is the basis of the Motion Pillow II, a high-tech pillow designed to stop snoring the second it starts, said company spokesman John Mateo. Think of the marriages this could have saved. The patented pillow system has four airbags inside with sensors. When the snoring starts, airbags inflate and deflate causing the snoring sleeper to turn his head and stop snoring.

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    Those who sleep with CPAP machines can also find sleep-apnea pillows designed to accommodate the machine's tubes and cords, Rogers said. Keep them covered : Between the pillow and the pillowcase, you want one more layer. Zippered pillow protectors keep dust, moisture and stains away and lengthen pillow life.

    Wash pillow covers weekly or every other week, with your sheets. Keep them clean. Wash your pillows twice a year, Tannen said. Check your pillow's care instructions; most can be machine washed and dried.

    How to Choose a Head Unit That's Right For Your Car

    Use a tiny amount of detergent, and add a second rinse cycle to get all the soap out. You may also need to run bed pillows through the dryer twice to get the middle dry. Adding a tennis ball to the cycle can help pillows fluff back up. At Home When picking the perfect pillow, use your head by Marni Jameson September 21, at a.

    Updated September 21, at a. Hold on Sleepy Head: Once you find the perfect pillow, you never want to let go.