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Classic Holidays Mdn Plate 1st. Rci Hcp C1 1st. Wyndham Vacation Resorts Hcp 1st. Alan Burton Hcp C2 1st. Quattro Risk Services Hcp 1st. Notice that there were no IT folks involved in this. The result was they got the design pretty much right the first time. For example, the site enables people to find other people as well as find information. For example, if you're going to Malaysia, the information abut the BBC program on Malaysian mammals may be of less immediate concern than getting access to the people who made the program because they can answer your travel questions, whereas the closeups of the mating habits of the orangutans, while at least as invigorating as part 2 of the Pam and Tommy Show, provide less immediately useful information depending, of course, on your sexual preferences which are solely your own business unless you by accident wake up as an elected official.

The BBC's intranet is accessible to ex-BBC employees as well as the current wage slaves since the once-weres are the top of the potential employee pool; when the BBC needs to staff up, those are the people they'll look to first. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The site lets you set up agents that scour tons of sources and sends you notices on a schedule you set. I frantically huffed and puffed up five flights of stairs the shipboard elevators, of which there are only three, are deplorably slow back to Lido deck, there to frantically scan the shoreline looking for my cousin.

The clarity of the air up here makes things appear deceptively closer than they really are, and the seemingly nearby shoreline was really about a kilometer away. Someone finally angled my head properly to see a tiny moving speck, more gray than white, just before it slipped into the water.

So technically I have now seen a polar bear in the wild, but I still hope to see one or more of them identifiable as such. Since bear sightings in Hornsund are quite rare, I'm rationalizing that seeing one there increases the likelihood of seeing more in locations where they're normally seen. Tonight was the second formal dinner albeit the first for me. This was the first time I wore my new tuxedo somewhere besides a fitting room, and getting it all assembled and put on required about a twenty-minute wrestling match with assorted buttons, studs, cufflinks, new shoelaces, etc.

Eventually the bear triumphed , but he nearly ended up ordering room service instead. Courses included a lobster cream soup which tasted like a lobster had merely been waved over the soup pot and trusty old Beef Wellington , cooked rather more thoroughly than I like it. Like all the meals, everything was pretty good, but nothing made me go Wow. I'm noticing as well that the same garnishes, mainly root vegetables, are showing up over and over again.

There seems to be little effort to match the garnishes to whatever unique character the main component of the dish might have.

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And, given all the leeks I'm being served, I might as well be vacationing in Wales. I keep the TV turned on and tuned to the bridge camera while I sleep in order to illuminate the way to the bathroom , and the weather seemed to clear up a great deal after midnight, with a golden glow being the predominant color of the remaining clouds throughout the rest of the "night".

Someone was then kind enough to lend me a pair of powerful binoculars, which enabled me to see that they were really. For all I know these are cardboard figures put out by the Spitsbergen Tourist Board whenever cruise ships are in the area, and then returned to a warehouse at night.

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I wonder if there's enough time to request a flyby by one of those intelligence satellites that are capable of taking minutely detailed photos. That should settle the question. I then took a brief circle tour of the harbor on one of the tenders.

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It took us closer to the m high snout of the glacier, with its fascinating variety of abstract shapes , passing a seemingly genuine seal lolling on a lonely ice chunk and some masochistic birds basking in the frigid waters. We then cruised closer to where the dots had been previously sighted , but apparently they had already been taken back to the warehouse for refurbishment. Fortunately my German friends went on a later iteration of the tour, at which time the bears actually were out and about--not one , not two , but all three members of the Dot family.

A second shuttle boat then took us to a small spit of land, on which a whaling station was once located. We were "carded" before leaving and returning to the ship, which struck me as a tad overzealous given the remoteness of our location. On the beach the crew had set up the " northernmost bar in the world ," complete with buffet and tables. A case can be made for this arrangement exceeding in decadence the tradition of dispensing caviar and champagne from surfboards in the Caribbean. I felt it geographically appropriate to have a glass of aquavit in addition to a couple of wursts and a roll , ignoring my liver plaintively asking why it was being drowned in alcohol before noon my pancreas having long before thrown in the towel.

Despite this invasion of the wurst-eaters, one could find a great sense of solitude here.

Worthy of note as well is the awesome clarity of the water. An anomalous feature of this area were land-based icebergs. Andreas and his associate established a guarded perimeter , beyond which we were not supposed to venture, in order to keep us separated from the ostensible polar bears. As it turned out, the duration of the beach visit had to be cut short become some bears were reportedly seen swimming across the bay toward us.

Shortly before returning to the ship from the beach, I was treated to the sight of another cruise ship, Fred Olsen's Black Watch , steaming into "our" inlet.

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So much for the notion of unique itineraries and majestic isolation. I fear the only places one can go anymore without fear of encountering others are so unpleasant that one would not want to go there in the first place. Lunch was pleasant--mushroom salad, freshly made spaghetti, and ice cream. When I remarked upon the absence of garlic in the fixings for the spaghetti, the cook voluntarily went and got me some. Either they're learning or else I stumbled upon one guy who understands proper service.

The main restaurant must be virtually empty at breakfast and lunch, because the Lido was jammed, with table-sharing the norm. It is interesting to note that the stereotype of Germans as being very pushy on cruises doesn't seem to be valid, at least on this trip. I had had my elbows specially sharpened as part of my trip preparations, but lines for tenders and in the buffet are quite orderly, people waiting for elevators let the exiting people off first, etc. There are even apologies and gentle joking as people squeeze past each other going to and from the Lido tables.

After lunch, as I was taking a turn on deck, there was another PBS, of the same three-dot family. This time the ship was closer to shore, so with binoculars I could actually see the dots moving. Accordingly I must withdraw my accusation about them being cardboard cutouts, although they still might actually be white rats for all I can tell. Probably the reason I was able to see them was that I wasn't carrying my camera at the time.

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Had a massage of my aching hindquarters this afternoon. Doubtful that it accomplished anything substantive, but it sure did feel good. Masseuse commented that my calves were extraordinarily tight. While she kneaded my muscles we talked about Thailand, where she had spent two months backpacking last year and where I had visited around sixteen times before discovering the joys of cruising.

Little do they know. Nor were there any product pitches. Made an appointment for a session of reflexology on my hind paws in a couple of days. Dinner again in the Vierjahreszeiten Four Seasons alternative restaurant. Tonight's tasty treats were: I fear something may be being lost in the translation. It is also clear that these guys have never heard of William of Ockham "entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily" or Mies van der Rohe "less is more". Three additional cultural observations: Enough servers gather around to lift all the covers at that table simultaneously with a flourish.

Kind of cute, but needed a trumpet fanfare to become totally over-the-top. We are now steaming north from Spitsbergen, toward the edge of the Arctic ice pack, for no particular reason I can fathom other than perhaps to permit the passengers to tell their friends they had been to the edge of the Arctic ice pack. Not that I'd do something like that. This makes the locator-map on the television look distinctly strange--the circle marking our ship is now in a totally gray area at the top of the map, with no labels, no ocean coloration, no nothing around it, as if we've ventured off all known sea lanes into totally unexplored waters.