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I remember eating at an upscale restaurant, and one of the waiters came and scraped our table after we had eaten bread to get rid of the crumbs. I think at different times in our lives, the Bible will speak to us in different ways. This Bible goes to great lengths to let us know that this woman was not a Jew. She was Syrophoenician, and she was a Greek. The account in Matthew also mentions that she was from Canaan. You will see her referred to as a dog, and that was a reference to her being a Gentile.

She had a real problem; her daughter was vexed with a devil.

She cried out to Jesus, Have mercy on me. There is a great difference between a deep need and a strong desire. We need to be denied some of our desires sometimes, because they are often suggested by our flesh. James Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts. We feel denied because we do not have a nice car, or a bigger home, or another suit in the closet. We can be fooled into thinking we are suffering because we do not see the desired bottom line in the bank account.

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Those are desires, and even though they may run deep at times, you are going to be alright if you never get them. I am talking about the body being so consumed with sickness that the doctors cannot prescribe the right medication of perform the right procedure. I am speaking of the mind being so disturbed that the psychologist cannot give the right therapy.

I am thinking of the problems being so terrible and so many, that the preacher cannot give the right words of counsel, and so we cry out and plead for the mercy of God.

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This next phrase in Matthew 15 has to be one of the most painful that we ever experience. He answered not a word. If you are both on non-speaking terms it is a little easier to swallow.

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Have you had those periods in your life when you spent time in prayer but you got off your knees and felt as though the heavens had turned to brass? Like there was no open line of communication? I am about to lose my job and you pray. I am about to see my family torn apart, and you pray.

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Or you are on the verge of losing the love of your life to death, and you pray to God. Some people argue that the Lord was being cold or unkind in his treatment of the Canaanite woman in this teaching. However that is not the case.

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This woman was following Jesus and the disciples crying after them to seek healing for her daughter who was demon possessed. She clearly knew the Lord could do this for no doubt she had seen or heard about the healings he had already performed. It also appears that her constant crying to the Lord was annoying the disciples, for they said to Jesus to send her away.

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Jesus made the reply to the disciples when they said to send her away that he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The Canaanite woman was a Gentile and not of the tribes of Israel. Now some could argue there was inconsistency here. Jesus did not immediately grant her request, but we saw back in Matthew that he did immediately assist the Gentile centurion, who came to him pleading for the healing of his servant.

In this case though the woman was pleading for her daughter who clearly would not have been an Israelite. She was not prepared to accept no for an answer either, which is a lesson we can all learn. The crumbs from the masters table she referred to are evidence that she had been seeking the Lord and taking in the teachings.

Please Pass The Crumbs

She demonstrates willingness to give up pagan ways and come to the truth. This is in fact evidence of her great faith as Christ publicly proclaims. So that the faith and understanding of the woman might be made manifest, Christ did not immediately give His assent at the beginning and even drove her away. But now when her faith has been revealed she hears the words of praise, "Great is thy faith.

So, too, if we desire to obtain something, nothing prevents us from obtaining what we desire. For the righteous were made ready for the heights of the kingdom of God.

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We must listen and understand that all people can come to Christ. It is a humble journey where we embrace Christ and depart from the darkness that has consumed us. The journey of faith is often driven by our earthly needs, as the Canaanite woman needed her daughter to be cured and freed from demonic possession. This Gospel shows that we all are able and already have the ability to truly turn to Christ.

It does not matter where we are from and what we have done, we must reject sinful ways humbly before God and live in the faith of Christ. We too can receive the blessing as did the daughter of the woman who received freedom. Fr Ted Toppses.